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Vermont Academy and Liceo Europeo, two prestigious educational institutions, have joined forces to offer a learning program which meets the demand of international students for Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. Jointly, we will offer a global education rooted in high academic standards, with an American curriculum designed to foster the development of cultural competency to enable students to learn skills for social and workplace dynamics in the 21st century.

Vermont Academy at Liceo Europeo will offer a program that meets international standards, American standards and excellence, and a collaborative educational model that will help prepare European students for college and university.

This alliance expands the global model of Vermont Academy’s programming and its philosophy about what a 21st century education is all about, and it affords Liceo Europeo an important stake in leading evolving global partnerships.

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Liceo Europeo


Liceo Europeo, which was founded in 1982, offers a nationally and internationally recognized education to more than 1,300 students. Located in Spain, it is at the forefront of educational innovation and places a high value on international education.

education for life

Vermont Academy

Vermont Academy’s teaching philosophy is characterized by the education of the whole student. The interdisciplinary connection between subjects, the development of critical thinking skills and the excellent all-round educational program enables their students to become global citizens.

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U.S. college preparatory school diploma

The U.S. College Preparatory School Diploma (Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12) is designed for students aged 14 to 18. Each student will be able to choose to study any of the Grades on its own or consecutively.

Students are totally immersed in the English language. All subjects are taught in English by Vermont Academy teachers, following the American methodology, characterized by a personalized teaching and learning approach, always in small groups, with a special interest placed on the development of talent, creativity and the capacity to solve unforeseen problems.

These study paths encourage the cultural and academic success of the students and support their access to their choice of study in any university in the world.

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The U.S. College Preparatory School Diploma delivered by Vermont Academy is:

  • Validated by the Spanish Ministry of Education.
  • Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

Inside the school

The School

The school is located in La Moraleja, an exclusive residential area close to the city of Madrid, in the northern metropolitan area.

It has excellent facilities tailored to students and their families with well-maintained wide sports, play and green areas, as well as a building with modern and functional classrooms. several research laboratories and workshop-specific spaces.

Day to Day

Vermont Academy at Liceo E...


Due to the current public health crisis, and as part of a larger effort to make the admissions process simpler and more equitable for families, we have made some necessary changes:

We accept applications online or via paper. We encourage you to apply online at

If you prefer to submit a paper application, complete the fields of the application as indicated.

The program requires the students to participate in admissions screenings in order to be considered for the program. Admissions Screenings are:

Essays and Letters of Recommendation. Please contact the school directly for information on how to submit your documentation.

Interviews. Please, fill out the information form, send an email or contact the school directly, to schedule your appointment for the interview. The interviews will be conducted remotely.

Student’s academic results or transcripts from previous grades will be required along with the enrollment form, the student essay and two letters of recommendation.

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College Counseling

Vermont Academy at Liceo Europeo Students earn a Vermont Academy diploma upon successful completion of the required credits. Throughout their time at our school, we will help them through the process of applying for schools and helping them find careers and majors that suit their needs.

From the moment they join our close-knit community, we work closely with our students to determine the right balance of academic challenge and extracurricular activity to serve them well on the road ahead.

A good college search and application process requires two bases of knowledge: self-knowledge and a thorough understanding of colleges and universities with programs and people that support and encourage student interests and abilities. We ask our students to examine their academic histories, their strengths and weaknesses, and their development as people. We will help guide them through the process of finding the right school for them.

As our students become more familiar with their own needs, they typically generate excellent questions about colleges, programs, and services available to them after high school. Finding the right college fit is an important journey in self-awareness and one that asks our students to seek direction. At Vermont Academy Liceo Europeo, we are committed to providing them with the expertise, guidelines, and resources to make that process run both smoothly and effectively.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you or your child may have.

Liceo Europeo School has obtained the official authorization to be an examination center for the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), key for university admission in the United States (code 59649), and for the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), for admission in the United Kingdom.

Request information:

Feel free to check out the links below to assist you and your child in their college process::

Colleges in the USA

Application: Students often fill out the Common Application This application is used by many US colleges and universities and allows the student to gather much of their needed information in one place. VALE students are responsible for setting up their own common app account. VALE will assist with the college counselor statement and preparing transcripts.

Contact us for more information.

Financial Aid:

FAFSA: This website is for students who are applying for admission to a US college or university and need financial aid, they should check out this website.

Fastweb: This website is for information about scholarships, grants and financial aid options.

SAT Test Center (59649)

Find SAT Test Centers

Universities in the UK

Application: Many students use the UCAS (University and College Admissions Service) as a standard application for schools in the UK. Students may also apply to schools directly.

UCAS authorized center.
Apply via UCAS

Universities in Spain


Contact us for more information at


Many English school will require a demonstration of English proficiency. This is usually the Cambridge Certificate of English or the IELTS exam.

ACT testing website has a list of dates and deadlines:

College Board: This website is useful for students looking for additional information and documents related to the ACT and SAT.

College search: This is helpful for students who want to learn more about particular schools and colleges around the United States.

Upcoming events and News!

Eg. Mid- May Seminar for juniors on time management and college admissions process

We have some seniors still waiting to hear back from their top schools and we already have several who have already been accepted!

Some of our students attending the following universities:

Full Sale University in Florida
IE University in Madrid
ESCP Business School in Madrid
Private Universities in Spain

Timeline for Students and Parents

College Counseling Parent Form
The New Vermont Times
Document fee
You have at your disposal a downloadable
document with all the information.

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