From 1 to 18 years of age.

1 | 6
6 | 12
12 | 16
16 | 18
1 | 6

Dual immersion Spanish-English. Introduction to Mandarin Chinese.

Meticulous care of emotional, physical and nutritional health.

Children feel loved and protected. The school is the continuation of the family environment.

Learning through play. Careful supervision of interaction at play times and daily activities. Respect for the personality and character of each child.

Acquisition of reading-writing skills in Spanish and English. Development of the desire to learn, strive for personal success and establish a sense of security and self-esteem.

Development of multiple intelligences. Colaborative activities.

Special attention to creativity and handcrafting.

Early stimulation of their abilities. Physical exercises with special attention to psychomotor skills. Integration of ICTs starting at 2 years of age. Consolidation of learning skills through the use of tablets.

Flexible timetable from 7:30am to 6:30pm.

6 | 12

Dual immersion Spanish-English. Chinese, Mandarin and French.

Active Learning. Students create their own work, books and text books in the classroom, in different languages. They learn by doing, discovering and researching.

All work is done in school. There is no homework, they learn in school. Autonomy and security.

Children learn from their real life experiences: varied activities, field trips and cultural visits. Trips throughout Spain starting in 3rd grade. Learn geography and historical facts while visiting real locations, etc.

Access and use of laboratories, specialized classrooms (recording, modeling, music, theater, nature learning classes in the school gardens, iClass, LEGO Innovation Studio…), ITCs: tablets, computers, use of interactive whiteboards.

Incorporation of universal values of tolerance and coexistence while learning together in the daily life of the school.

Maximum motivation for the pleasure of learning and living in a multilingual environment. The best motivational technique is to provide students with opportunities to be successful.

12 | 16

Immersion and curricular work in Spanish and English. Active learning: students elaborate their work in these languages. Lessons and exams are also given in Chinese, French and German. Students finish secondary with very high levels in languages: CAE, DELF B2,HSK and FIT 2.

Students learn by discovery, researching, organizing their thoughts and doing debates and presentations.

Cooperative learning, experience based learning multiple intelligences, digital support, volunteer work.

Introduction to the scientific method. Heavy emphasis on the laboratory work. Empirical learning.

School trips throughout Spain. Study directly from real environments: countries, geography, museums, theaters, companies,history…

Content, timetable, group and space flexibility.

Foreing exchange opportunities with schools in the USA, Sweden, France, Germany…

External qualification testing. Official examination centre: Cambridge, French Institute, Goethe Institute, Confucio Institute.

16 | 18

The high level of studies and languages acquisition allows students access to the best Spanish and foreign universities.

Promotion of skills that foster intellectual abilities: power of abstraction, logical reasoning, mastery of fundamental scientific, humanistic and technological skills.

Development and application of the scientific method. The practices in the laboratories consolidate the learning of science.

Students reflect on the acquired knowledge, thus promoting the development of autonomus thinking.

We encourage their oral and written communication skills. Conducting discussions and debates, presentations…

Students are the protagonists in the class. They construct and evaluate their own learning, being able to recognize and understand their possibilities for improvement.

International Baccalaureate.

Multiple options of National Baccalaureate.

Voluntarity activities – Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)-, allow their personal and interpersonal development through experiental learning.

In order to foster the consolidation of supportive and tolerant citizens we promote knowledge of the enviroment and reality in our students’ lives.

Creation of conventions, conferences, workshops, group dynamics, etc. to contribute to their university and vocational guidence.

* The qualifications and evaluation criteria af all the different subjects are available to parents or guardians via a previous request at the secretary’s office.

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