Our model, inspired by the educational principles of the “Institución Libre de Enseñanza”, aims to “avoid disturbing the periods of childhood and adolescence, foreshadowing in them human divisions”, and it assimilates the latest educational and didactic principles given by the latest research in neuroscience.


On the basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we stand up for the freedom of education, equal rights and respect for human diversity.

Absolute respect and focus on the students, with a child- centred teaching-learning approach and active learning techniques, with special attention to individual personalities and their multiple intelligences.


International pedagogic orientation is one of our identifying traits.

We offer a range of programmes: American methodology in Early Years (1-6 year-olds), all the International Baccalaureate programmes (3-18 year-olds) and the U.S. College Preparatory School Diploma (14-18 year-olds).


English language proficiency.

At Liceo Europeo it is imperative to foster language immersion in a multilingual background that assures the use and command of other languages including frequent foreign exchange programmes with other countries and cultures: English, Chinese, French, German...


We encourage students to take pride in the job well-done. We teach self-confidence and promote the sense of duty, loyalty, curiosity and creativity which are the foundations of traditional European thought.


We encourage the use of the scientific method, research techniques and active learning. Students elaborate their own books and reports in the laboratories.


We prepare our students with the certainty that they will become the scientists, writers, lawyers, doctors and engineers of the future. But, most of all, we strive to prepare “men and women” who will become leaders, capable of conceiving an idea and carrying it out in a successful manner. Creative students ready to improvise when needed to solve unforeseen problems.


We believe in developing both students’ minds and bodies thus providing them with modern sports facilities, including paddle courts and a swimming- pool, inside our 30,000 m2 of gardens and green areas.


We acknowledge the importance of play in the learning process so that children learn to relate school with happiness from the very first days of school, at the age of two.


We strongly believe in technological progress, incorporating the use of cutting- edge technologies (electronic whiteboards, tablets, robotics, programming and digital design, techniques of animation...).


We are convinced of the need to create a caring learning environment which reinforces the student’s self- esteem while promoting group work, autonomy, cooperative work...


We have an unshakeable faith in the human race; therefore, we teach children that happiness is a right, and we educate them to always strive to make a better world.

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