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Vermont Academy and Liceo Europeo, two prestigious educational institutions, have joined forces to offer a learning program which meets the demand of international students for a Baccalaureate diploma. Jointly, we will offer a global education rooted in high academic standards, with an American curriculum designed to foster the development of cultural competency to enable students to learn skills for social and workplace dynamics in the 21st century.

Vermont Academy at Liceo Europeo will offer a program that meets international standards, American standards and excellence, and a collaborative educational model that will help prepare European students for college and university.

This alliance expands the global model of Vermont Academy’s programming and its philosophy about what a 21st century education is all about, and it affords Liceo Europeo an important stake in leading evolving global partnerships.

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Liceo Europeo


Liceo Europeo, which was founded in 1982, offers a nationally and internationally recognized education to more than 1,200 students. Located in Spain, it is at the forefront of educational innovation and places a high value on international education.

education for life

Vermont Academy

Vermont Academy’s teaching philosophy is characterized by the education of the whole student. The interdisciplinary connection between subjects, the development of critical thinking skills and the excellent all-round educational program enables their students to become global citizens.

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U.S. college preparatory school diploma

The College Preparatory School Diploma (Grades 11 & 12) is two years long, and is designed for national and international students aged 16 to 18. Each student will be able to choose to study Grade 11, Grade 12 or both consecutively.

Students are totally immersed in the English language. All subjects are taught in English by Vermont Academy teachers, following the American methodology, characterized by a personalized teaching and learning approach, always in small groups, with a special interest placed on the development of talent, creativity and the capacity to solve unforeseen problems.

There are different subject study paths adapted to the needs and requirements of each student. These study paths encourage the cultural and academic success of the students and support their access to their choice of study in any university in the world.

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The u.s. college preparatory school diploma delivered by vermont academy is:


Inside the school

The School

The school is located in La Moraleja, an exclusive residential area close to the city of Madrid, in the northern metropolitan area.

It has excellent facilities tailored to students and their families with well-maintained wide sports, play and green areas, as well as a building with modern and functional classrooms. several research laboratories and workshop-specific spaces.


Optional boarding in a high-quality hall of residence close to the school, featuring separate bedroom areas for male and female students, sporting facilities and nearby shopping, leisure and health centres. A school bus service is available between the halls and the school.


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Camino Sur 10-12
28109, Alcobendas, Madrid (Spain)

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